Fraser Holdall: All-in-One Bag for Work, Workout & Weekend

Organised, hygienic & sustainable. Our multifunctional bag is designed to improve your daily routine from the gym to the office.

The Fraser Holdall is a versatile, organized, and hygienic all-in-one bag that seamlessly transitions from work to workout to weekend use. It boasts an impressive range of features including a specialized interior with five multifunctional compartments, a ventilated shoe compartment, and a hidden hanging function for easy access. Additionally, it offers antimicrobial protection, water resistance, and a commitment to sustainability, utilizing reusable accessories and high-quality vegan leather. Becket, the brand behind Fraser Holdall, emphasizes its dedication to minimizing environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle. With its blend of functionality, hygiene protection, and eco-conscious design, Fraser Holdall aims to enhance users’ daily routines while promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Fraser Holdall - 1
Fraser Holdall - 2