GIGA PUMP 17 Air Pump: 2.5x Speed, Exceptionally Bright

1.5min Fast Inflate\Brushless Air Pump\Up to 17KPA \ Up to 600LM \ Inflate & Deflate & Lantern & Power Bank \ Cordless & Portable \ Indoors & Outdoors

The GIGA PUMP 17 Air Pump is a cutting-edge, highly efficient portable air pump designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Weighing only 390g, it boasts a rapid inflation speed, 2.5 times faster than regular pumps, thanks to its advanced brushless motor technology, capable of reaching a remarkable 17kPa pressure and a rapid rotation speed of 80,000 RPM. This innovation allows for quick inflation and deflation with two modes, making it suitable for various inflatable products. Additionally, the device features a built-in camping lantern with adjustable brightness levels, illuminating up to 20m² of campsite area for up to 20 hours. It also serves as a power bank with USB Type-C fast charging technology and multiple air nozzles to accommodate various inflation needs, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures and emergencies.

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