Gritstone’s Apex

A durable, handy blade crafted for your next adventure

Gritstone’s Apex is a durable and functional pocket knife, deeply rooted in family legacy and a passion for outdoor adventures. Originating from a tradition started by the creator’s grandfather in 1925, the knife is more than a tool; it embodies the spirit of adventure and resilience. This knife has evolved through generations, each adding their own story and experiences. The creator, inspired by his family’s connection to the wilderness and their knives, designed this new version to reflect their enduring legacy while enhancing its functionality and aesthetics. The knife features a 2.9-inch blade made from either AUS-8 or 15N20 steel, suitable for both detailed and tough tasks, and a solid black walnut handle, totaling 5.7 inches in length. It comes with a natural leather sheath, offering three carrying options for versatility. The knife is a balance of practicality and craftsmanship, catering to both daily challenges and the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.