Hand-Made Grand Feu Enamel-Dial Watch by MANILONE

Grand Feu Enamel | Transparent Sapphire Crystal Case | Tourbillon Movement | Calfskin Leather Strap | 3 Simple Dial Colors

The MANILONE hand-made watch features a Grand Feu enamel dial, known for its radiant sheen and creamy texture, achieved through a labor-intensive process of layering and firing powdered silica on a metal base at high temperatures. This meticulous method, prone to high failure rates due to its sensitivity to environmental changes, results in a glassy, vibrant finish that is central to the watch’s character. Complementing this striking dial are a transparent sapphire crystal case and a calfskin leather strap, enhancing both the luxury and aesthetic appeal of the watch. At its core, the watch operates on a Calibre MT1 Tourbillon Movement, exemplifying precision and intricate craftsmanship. MANILONE offers this exquisite timepiece in three dial colors, each crafted to reflect a unique style and preference, making each watch not only a timekeeper but a piece of wearable art.

Hand-Made Grand Feu Enamel-Dial Watch