HEX PHANTOM – The Ultimate Controller for PS5 & PC Gaming

HEXGAMING PHANTOM๏ฝœ4 Mappable Back Buttons๏ฝœ6 Switchable Profiles | Adjustable Triggers | Swappable Joysticks | No More Stick Drift

The HEX PHANTOM is the ultimate customizable controller designed for PS5 and PC gaming. Engineered by HEXGAMING, this controller offers four mappable back buttons, six switchable profiles, adjustable triggers, and swappable joysticks to cater to every gaming need. Its DRIFIX module addresses joystick drift, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and seamless control. Gamers can personalize thumbsticks with various heights, textures, and shapes, and toggle between adaptive and digital triggers for different game genres. The PHANTOM’s ergonomic design, anti-slip material, and multi-color LED indicators enhance comfort and usability, making it suitable for long gaming sessions across multiple devices. Available in four distinct color variants, the HEX PHANTOM aims to elevate gaming experiences for all players.