Hidizs Next Gen Ultra-large Planar HiFi IEMs – 9 Sound Types

The World’s First Whale-Inspired IEMs & Support Whale Conservation. Immerse in Whales’ Melody. A Must-have for Music & Wildlife Lovers

Hidizs MP145, the world’s first professional-grade HiFi In-ear Monitors that combine immersive sound and customizable features while supporting whale conservation. These IEMs feature a unique whale-inspired design with a 14.5mm planar magnetic driver for exceptional sound quality and clarity. With three pneumatic sound tuning filters, they offer nine different sound styles tailored to individual preferences. Certified as Hi-Res and tuned based on the H-2019 curve, these IEMs guarantee top-notch audio quality. The design incorporates elements inspired by whale biology, achieving an ergonomic and visually striking look. The fully symmetrical magnetic circuit enhances sound quality, and hidden ventilation ports optimize airflow. Lightweight and comfortable, the MP145 offers an unmatched audio experience without the bulk of over-ear headphones, making it perfect for music lovers on the go. Its compatibility with various devices and detachable cable options further enhances its appeal, making it a top choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.