HiLaser Z6: 20W Dual-laser Engraver. Desktop & Handheld.

Equipped with 20W 1064nm and 5W 455nm dual lasers, Hilaser Z6 is fast, accurate, versatile, and applicable to almost all materials. Whether you’re involved in the production, workspace applications, DIY projects, or more, the Hilaser Z6 is the ultimate tool for your needs!

Compared to traditional 20W laser engravers, the Z6 takes size reduction to a whole new level without compromising on industrial-grade performance. It’s the smallest 20W laser engraver on the market, making it a perfect fit for any personal or home studio.

  • 20W 1064nm + 5W 455nm Dual-laser
  • 15,000mm/s Speed
  • 0.001mm Precision
  • Handheld, Rotary & On The Fly
  • For Almost All Materials
HiLaser Z6-1