Hilight Gen2:Illuminate Your Canvas and Workspace

Natural Spectrum Lighting / Productivity Boosting Tools / R9 / Desk Lamp / LED Light / Adjustable / Professional

The Hilight Gen2 lamp is a sophisticated desk lighting solution designed to enhance workspace illumination with its Full Spectrum High CRI LED technology and powerful 30W output. It features adjustable brightness, 360° rotation, and a portable stand design, allowing for flexible and optimal lighting adjustments. This lamp supports true color rendering and natural illumination for precise visual representation, making it ideal for professional settings. It boasts a double-row, ultra-clear large light source that delivers abundant, crystal-clear light, extending over an 80cm wide-angle to eliminate shadows effectively. Additionally, the lamp includes features like five-step dimming, individual dual light source control for personalized settings, a 60-second delayed shutdown for convenience, and a durable aluminum alloy construction, all contributing to a comfortable and productive work environment.

Hilight Gen2