HILIGHT R9 Desk Lamp: Ignite Your Creative Works with Light

Ra>97/R9>90/ 1300LM/ Triple Light Sources/ Automatic Light Sensing/Curved Emitting Surface/Diamond Grid Panel/Flicker-Free

The HILIGHT R9 Desk Lamp revolutionizes the lighting experience with its advanced features tailored to enhance productivity and visual comfort. Its triple radiant light sources ensure uniform illumination, minimizing shadows and reducing eye strain. With an impressive Ra>97 high color rendering rating, the lamp accurately reproduces vibrant hues, catering to artists, designers, and enthusiasts alike. The 1300 lumens and 98 x 0.5W LED beads provide precise clarity, while the curved emitting surface guarantees even distribution of light, eliminating dark corners and narrow beams. The lamp’s seamless stepless dimming feature allows for customized brightness, complemented by its auto-dimming function that intelligently adapts to ambient conditions for optimal eye comfort. With a flicker-free lighting experience and a diamond grid panel that reduces glare, the HILIGHT R9 offers a visually comfortable and productive lighting solution. Its seven elegantly flexible joints and G-shaped clamp design ensure easy positioning and space-saving functionality, making it an ideal choice for any workspace.

HILIGHT R9 Desk Lamp - 2
HILIGHT R9 Desk Lamp - 1