HOMI Ultra-Lightweight & All-Weather Down Jackets

Only 590g! Built with 3M Thinsulateā„¢ Heat Preservation, Machine Washable, Magnetic Adhesion Zippers, Non-humid Ventilation

HOMI presents its Ultra-Lightweight & All-Weather Down Jackets, featuring cutting-edge technology and timeless style to redefine the winter experience. The jackets are built with 3M Thinsulateā„¢ Heat Preservation, making them machine washable and equipped with magnetic adhesion zippers for easy closure. The jackets are designed to be lightweight, non-humid, and provide extreme warmth without the use of animal feathers. The Tech Down jacket offers advanced features like far infrared ray support and water resistance, while the MA-1 Bomber combines style and functionality for a versatile outerwear option. Both jackets prioritize safety with 360 Safety Nighttime Light Reflection and offer practical details like anti-theft pockets and machine washability. Overall, HOMI’s down jackets provide a solution to old problems, combining style, functionality, and resilience in outerwear.