Hugl: The Giant, Cooling and Sleep-Inducing Body Pillow

Sleep better with Hugl, the ultimate body pillow engineered to relieve tension and deepen sleep.

Hugl, the innovative body pillow designed for optimal comfort and improved sleep quality. Hugl offers a unique cuddle experience, relieving tension and enhancing sleep. Crafted with premium Tencel fabric, it remains cool to the touch and dissipates heat, making it perfect for warm summer nights. Its thoughtful design ensures easy storage and washing. Engineered to evenly distribute pressure, Hugl caters to various sleep concerns, promoting better sleep even for those with sleeping disorders or physical discomfort. The pillow’s outer cover, a special blend of TENCELâ„¢ and Polyethylene developed by MIT engineers, facilitates heat transfer, preventing overheating and aligning with the body’s natural temperature drop during sleep initiation. With a combination of micro-fiber and gel-infused memory foam, Hugl provides exceptional support, delivering a comforting full-body embrace for a truly restful slumber.