HUROYAMA Hair Catcher – Three Sizes to Cover All Drains

Unique Volcano Structure | Soft Silicone | Ag+ Anti-bacteria | Tool-free Installation | Stable & Hassle Free Cleaning | Fits All Drains

The HUROYAMA Hair Catcher offers a versatile solution to prevent drain clogs of all shapes and sizes. Available in three different sizes, it tackles clogged drains in kitchens, showers, and sinks effectively. Its innovative volcano-shaped design, crafted from soft silicone with Ag+ anti-bacterial properties, efficiently captures hair and debris while allowing water to flow freely. Unlike traditional drain covers, HUROYAMA’s design features mesmerizing protrusions that guide water flow, preventing clogs and overflows. It’s easy to install with no tools required and offers hassle-free cleaning. Additionally, it includes stabilizing features like anchoring points and detachable rims for different drain types, ensuring a secure fit. HUROYAMA is not only practical but also hygienic, thanks to its silver ion particles that eliminate bacteria and mold, making it a smart and effective solution for maintaining a clean and clog-free drain system.

HUROYAMA Hair Catcher -1
HUROYAMA Hair Catcher -2