Hypershell: 1 Horsepower Exoskeleton for Everyday Adventure

  • 1 Horsepower Output
  • 30KG Weight Offset
  • 25KM Long Range
  • AI Motion Engine
  • 1.8KG Ultralight
  • 20KM/H Speed
  • 6.5L Size

Hypershell is an entirely new generation of the exoskeleton. It packs state-of-the-art robotics, ergonomics, and AI into an extremely compact form that provides uncompromising power when needed. Hypershell saves you from tired walking, physical work, long trips, and mileage limits so that you can explore more options outside your comfort zone.

The innovative Omega® system makes Hypershell lightweight and powerful. The central motor is invented in combination with eight passive joints, doubling the assist effectiveness and performance/weight ratio of the exoskeleton.

Its Hyper Mode is designed for those who love challenging their status quo. Simply hold the buttons on both sides to call for Hyper Mode. Hypershell will instantly answer with an output equivalent to 1 horsepower, 50% torque increase, and quadrupled motion acceleration capability.

The AI Motion Engine inside Hypershell will act more aggressively, boosting reaction frequency from 10000Hz to 30000Hz. This brings an added max running speed of 20km/h, a 60-degree slope sprint, a steady 30kg weight offset, and 10kg of horizontal thrust to make a history of your own.

The hip width and leg length on Hypershell can be freely adjusted to fit almost anyone.

Easily move through the day with an AI Motion Engine that adapts to over nine sports modes, including walking, race walking, running, riding, climbing, up/down stairs, up/down hills, gravel road, and auto hold.

Hypershell integrates high-polymer lithium batteries with a kinetic energy recovery system to provide an extra 25km range when you feel you can’t go further.

The smart battery management system (BMS) on Hypershell supports universal USB-C PD fast charging. You can use a phone charger to charge Hypershell while traveling and get a 20% battery level in just 10 minutes, which provides a 5km functional range.

Hypershell has gone to great lengths to make weatherproof products and offers these features: waterproof screw connections, specially coated circuit boards, weatherproof aluminum enclosures, and polyurethane coatings including UV protection. This ensures optimum protection of the product at all times. The weatherproof-certified products of Hypershell comply with protection class IP54 according to IEC 529 / EN 60529.