IM.GYM-3000: Smart Home Gym & Personal Trainer at home

Enjoy 60+ diverse workouts up to 400lbs! The best home gym program designed by fitness professionals and optimized for anyone to use.

M.GYM-3000 is a smart home gym and personal trainer that offers over 60 diverse workouts with up to 400lbs of resistance. The program is designed by fitness professionals and personalized based on your fitness goals. The app provides tutorials for each exercise, tracks your performance, and offers a variety of workouts targeting different muscle groups. The device is compact, portable, and easy to set up, making it convenient for home workouts. It also uses a unique system of elastic and non-elastic cables to provide stable resistance and prevent injuries during workouts. With the IM.GYM-3000 program, users can expect visible results in just three months, making it an effective and efficient way to achieve fitness goals from the comfort of home.