IVYCable Gen2- Magnetic Cable & Power Bank for New iPhone

Charge all your devices with a 2-in-1 magnetic cable | Perfectly compatible with iPhone 15, earlier iPhone models, and Android devices.

The IVYCable Gen2 revolutionizes charging with its 2-in-1 magnetic cable and power bank, designed to be the ultimate charging solution for the iPhone 15, earlier iPhone models, Android devices, and more. This portable, auto-folding cable integrates a power storage system for pass-through charging, ensuring your devices and the cable itself are always ready for use. Weighing just 120g and boasting a 2800mAh capacity, it eliminates the need for multiple cables or bulky power banks, especially with its compatibility with USB-C and Lightning outputs. The IVYCable Gen2 is not only practical but also designed for durability and convenience, featuring an auto-aligning magnetic system that keeps your charging setup tidy and hassle-free. With its unique snake-style modular design and built-in indicators for battery level, it adds an element of fun and functionality to any workspace. Available in silver and black, it’s engineered for resilience against wear and environmental conditions, supporting over 3000 folds.