JGMaker Artist-D Dual Extruder Independent 3D Printer

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No matter how you use the Artist-D, your highest standards of print quality are fulfilled by this high-performing 3D printer. Its generous build volume allows you to print large single models up to 310mm x 310mm x 350mm, or by utilizing its “double” or “mirror” modes, print two of the same model the same time, up to 111mm x 310mm x 350mm. This is the 3D printer that brings joy to your creative projects!   

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Artist-D is an IDEX design. That is Independent Dual Extruders. This allows you to do something truly innovative and spectacular: you can print two types of different materials—such as hard and flexible materials—or two different colors on the same model—giving it different functional applications. 

In addition, since the two extruders are independent, when one extruder works, the other one automatically parks itself out of the way. This prevents the filament from the non-active extruder from dripping onto the model and helps ensure a high-quality surface finish on your prints.

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Due to the short distance between the extruder and nozzle, less torque from the motor is required to push filament. It is capable of handling a variety of materials including PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS, PVA, Wood, etc. It typically provides a more accurate extrusion and allows for faster retractions. 

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Featuring an Extruder module with an innovative one-button “Nozzle Eject” system, Artist-D allows you to easily swap nozzles, or quickly replace the nozzle in the event of a clog. 

And Artist-D’s optimized Direct Drive extruder is a star that is well suited to printing TPU flexible filaments.

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Two Z-axis screws and stepper motors drive the vertical axis of the Artist D that will improve accuracy and precision, resulting in a specified Z-axis accuracy of 0.001mm to make this a true professional level printer. 
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Too often, 3D printer cabling is messy. What’s worse is when low-hanging cables catch on a print and ruin it. That’s why we designed the Artist-D 3D printer with as much of the wiring inside the printer as possible. And high-quality flex cables where it’s not. In other words, it works well and it’s easy to maintain without having too many wires getting in the way.

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Use the Printing Pause option if you want Artist-D to stop printing immediately, or if you need to change filaments of different colors or material. Just pause, reload, and resume. You can also resume printing if the SD card is removed accidentally. Just reinsert it, and you can continue printing.   

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We understand how important safety is with 3D printers. This function ensures the Artist-D 3D printer shuts down its heating elements when it detects that it can no longer properly control its temperature. This helps prevent a catastrophic fire hazard to your machine.

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The Artist-D requires no special skills to assemble. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you love things that are simple but spectacular. Artist-D allows for a rapid assembly, and it’s simple even for inexperienced users. You can easily assemble it in about 5 minutes. Then just plug it in and turn it on. 

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Made of manganese steel, Artist-D’s flexible magnetic build plate adds a level of convenience and joy to the printer’s operation. Just remove the steel build plate, and flex it to release the model. 

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We designed the Artist-D as a higher quality printer that features a direct drive feeding system. In other words, the distance between the filament feed motor and the nozzle is as close as possible. No long Bowden tubes here, which means flexible filaments are much easier to print! And the extruder assembly is enclosed with a cover, keeping you safer from hot extruder parts.

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Artist-D comes with a high-performance 32-bit mainboard, equipped with silent stepper motor driver chips. So you can enjoy a quiet printing environment that lets you concentrate on your work, and keeps noise from disturbing you.

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One of the defining aspects of Artist-D is that you don’t need to be an expert in 3D printing technology to make the most of it. After all, this 3D printer is for makers, and you don’t need to be a programmer to use it! But for those who are both, the Artist-D’s Marlin 2.0 open-source firmware allows users to adjust it to suit their specific needs.

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Whoever said that small-scale makers and DIYers need to stick to amateur equipment couldn’t be more mistaken. Artist-D is built with industrial-grade parts—such as the X-axis linear rail—to deliver smoother performance with less friction and higher precision.

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In the event of your filament running out, Our Artist D will detect this and pause your print so you can fit a new spool of filament and resume the print, saving you from failed print disaster! 

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The usual problem with dual extruders & nozzles is that the inactive nozzle tends to drip material on the print, spoiling the finish. It solved the problem by including a “brush” that can wipe the inactive nozzle before it causes any trouble. 

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Artist-D has an integrated sheet metal base that is stable and thick, with a built-in power supply. It’s built to last, and designed to perform!

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