Kolari Shades: Actual GLASS Sunglasses with IR blocking

Providing unparalleled clarity and spectral protection through superior optics.

Kolari Shades introduces the first sunglasses combining real glass optics with IR-blocking technology, using Corning Gorilla Glass for durability and optical clarity. Traditionally, plastic or resin lenses were used due to FDA impact resistance requirements, but recent advancements in glass technology now allow for the use of strong, clear glass in eyewear. Kolari Shades offer superior visual clarity without color shifts, and their IR-blocking coatings, previously infeasible with plastic lenses, block both IR and UV light. The technology includes 51 layers of anti-smudge and anti-reflective coatings, protecting against environmental damage and making them easy to clean. These sunglasses also offer the unique benefit of shielding eyes from facial recognition and security cameras. Kolari Shades, registered with the FDA and meeting ISO certification requirements, come in three lens options (Basic, Ultra, and Ultra Gradient) and two frame colors. Despite the high cost of Gorilla Glass, the company maintains competitive pricing, challenging industry standards and providing an innovative and protective eyewear experience.