Konsivy Pro: 4K Breakthrough Multifunctional WIFI Telescope

All-in-one: Telescope&Pictures&Video/920mm Equivalent Focal Length/WIFI Module: Download, edit, and share in real-time/Time Lapse Video

The Konsivy Pro is a versatile 4K WIFI Telescope that combines the functions of a telescope, camera, and video recorder. It features a 920mm equivalent focal length and allows for real-time download, edit, and sharing via its built-in WIFI module. The device is designed for simultaneous viewing and shooting, with user-friendly photo and video buttons. It offers multiple resolutions including UHD (4K), QHD (2K), and FHD (1080P), and includes slow-motion and time-lapse shooting functions. Its 10x optical and 2.3x digital zoom ensures a wide and clear viewing range. The Konsivy Pro provides three focusing modes: Single Focus for distant objects, Auto Focus for everyday use, and Manual Focus for detailed observations. Equipped with a 1.04″ OLED screen and a wide diopter range, it caters to various visual conditions. The device also boasts a high-capacity battery for extended use, supports HDMI and other connections, and can be mounted on stands or selfie sticks. Additionally, it can function as a web camera and is controllable via a mobile app, enhancing its versatility.