KUKU Maker: Take Control Of Your Coffee Taste

Enjoy your preferred coffee exactly the way you like it – with options for flavor, thick or light consistency, and hot or cold serving.

The KUKU Maker coffee making offers unparalleled control over the coffee brewing process, allowing users to customize their coffee experience to suit their individual tastes. It goes beyond traditional coffee machines by enabling adjustments in extraction pressure, temperature, time, and grind fineness, thus opening up a myriad of flavor possibilities. With its innovative design, the KUKU Maker uses centrifugal force for stable pressure during extraction and features a high-precision brushless motor for accurate speed and pressure control. It offers rapid heating with electromagnetic induction technology and allows for precise temperature adjustments, catering to both hot and cold brew preferences. The machine supports a wide range of grind sizes and ensures that adjustments in one parameter do not adversely affect others, making it possible to explore various flavor profiles from the same coffee bean. Its user-friendly design includes a simple cleaning process, durability against common kitchen conditions, and a compact size that fits easily on countertops. With the ability to save and share customized brewing templates through an app, the KUKU Maker is not just a coffee machine but a gateway to exploring and enjoying diverse coffee creations with ease.