KUN : Modular All-in-One Multifunction Cooker

Super-sized intelligent oven/ multi-function/Dual Sensor Prob/1800W flat cast iron heating plate /Cooking is now easy/fun/Social

The KUN Modular All-in-One Multifunction Cooker is an intelligent cooking platform that combines an air stove oven and multi-functional cooking pot, offering efficient and versatile cooking options. It features a 1800W flat cast iron heating base that allows for uniform heating with various types of cookware, 5-level heating modes, constant temperature heating field, and a wide duct ratio with dual-ring turbocharged fan for precise and consistent cooking. The cooker also includes smart accessories, efficient insulation, a large 38L capacity, low-radiation glass, NFC/APP/Smart recipe options, and dual LED lighting. With a sleek matte exterior design and convenient features, the KUN Smart Cooking Pot provides a high-quality and enjoyable cooking experience.