Lancer 300 – Modular Backpack with Power and Selfie Stick

336WH Power Station | Modular and Detachable | Riding Selfie | Drone Perspective Selfie | Exoskeleton Design

The Lancer 300 modular backpack revolutionizes the concept of outdoor and adventure gear with its Exoskeleton-Bearing Structure, offering an enhanced carrying experience through its ergonomic design that promises a 20% reduction in weight, durability, and storm-resistant features including waterproof zippers and IPX6 waterproof power station. Designed for the avid adventurer, photographer, or videographer, it includes a 360° rotating tripod for hands-free, multi-angle shooting with universal compatibility for cameras and lighting equipment. Its 1.5-meter extendable SelfieRocker Arm allows for creative freedom in capturing every memorable moment. With a 336WH power station and a 25W solar panel, the Lancer 300 ensures your devices remain charged on the go, increasing daily power supply by 30%. Its 30L+ capacity is perfect for carrying a wide array of gear, including up to five camera lenses in its 24L camera storage and a 6L drone bag, making it an indispensable companion for capturing adventures from unique perspectives, whether you’re on a motorcycle ride or trekking through the wilderness.