LAWK ONE:AR Glasses for Outdoor Adventure

Navigator&Bike Computer&Sports Camera&Headphone&AI Voice Control&Head-up Display&Hands-free Safety for Outdoor Adventures

LAWK ONE, a groundbreaking all-in-one AR device designed for outdoor adventures. Weighing just 80g, it combines a stud finder, thermal imager, cross laser level, 4K sports camera, headphone, AI voice control, head-up display, and hands-free safety features in a single device. LAWK ONE enhances outdoor activities by providing real-time sports data tracking, 4K video recording, advanced navigation, music playback, and more. It offers voice-assisted navigation, a 4K sports camera with first-person view, open stereo speakers for music, and an AI voice assistant powered by ChatGPT. LAWK ONE keeps you connected with message reminders and call answering. It features a high-brightness Micro-LED and binocular waveguide display for a comfortable viewing experience and offers UV380 lenses for sun protection. With water resistance and non-slip design, LAWK ONE is your ideal outdoor companion, offering versatility and durability.