LEFEET P1: Versatile Underwater Scooter With Modular Design

Modular Design | Versatility | Wireless Remote | 5lb | 2.3m/s | 1000W | Dual Jet | Scuba | Leg Mount | Foil | SUP | Outboard

The LEFEET P1 is an underwater scooter designed for versatile exploration beneath the waves. Its modular design allows for quick assembly without tools, offering convenience and adaptability for both enthusiasts and professionals. Weighing just 5 pounds, the P1 can reach speeds of up to 2.3 meters per second, providing an exhilarating underwater experience. Its compact size ensures travel-friendliness and maneuverability in tight spaces, while still offering powerful propulsion. With wireless remote control and airline compliance, the P1 combines innovation with reliability, featuring a sturdy yet lightweight frame and a waterproof switch for durability and safety. It aims to redefine underwater mobility, offering users a revolutionary way to explore the depths with ease and excitement.