Lenercom, First In&Outdoor Suitcase Power Station

The revolutionary Lenercom Energon Max – the first in&outdoor suitcase power station with a massive 3,840Wh LiFePO4 power capacity and 3000W power output. This award-winning power station has won the prestigious MUSE Design Award and is the world’s first suitcase-style power station, making it highly portable and compact. It features reliable battery cells, a household-level battery management system, and top-of-the-line automatic fire extinguishing technology, ensuring maximum safety. With its seamless UPS function, Lenercom Energon Max provides an uninterrupted power supply anywhere, anytime, making it ideal for household use.

Portable power system, versatile and safe, pullable everywhere. 7680Wh expandable capacity powers everything at home, outdoors, and EVs