Leo: the Plug and Play Battery Life Extender

Award-winning device, extending all your portable electronics’ battery lifespan by as much as 50%. For your wallet, and for our world!

Leo, the Plug and Play Battery Life Extender offers several key features to extend the lifespan of your portable electronics’ batteries:

  • Optimal Charge Limit: Leo automatically sets an optimal charge limit at approximately 90% for all your USB devices. Maintaining batteries within this range significantly extends their lifespan. This feature is particularly beneficial as it’s rare among smart devices and nearly nonexistent among non-smart ones.
  • Adaptive Charging Speed: Leo adjusts its charging speed based on your available time. It charges at a slower, more sustainable rate when you have time, such as during the night. However, you can easily switch to fast charging when needed with the push of a button.
  • Optimized Night Charging: During night charging, Leo intelligently takes a break at around 80%, reducing the duration your batteries remain at a high charge percentage and voltage. This is similar to what iPhones do, but Leo adds the benefit of a charge limit.
  • Ghost-Mode Button for Fast Charging: Leo allows you to override its settings and switch to fast charging up to 100% when necessary. Hold the button, and there’s no need to unplug Leo.
  • Universal USB-C Connector: Leo’s adaptability makes it compatible with practically all your USB-C devices, whether they use a USB-C to lightning cable or a USB-A to USB-C cable. It optimizes charging on both the charger and device sides.
  • Recycled Plastic and Modular Design: Designed with sustainability in mind, Leo is built to last for many years. Its updatable software ensures it stays current throughout its lifespan, and its modular and easily replaceable cable design ensures longevity.
  • User-Friendly Plug-and-Play: Leo is effortless to use; simply plug it in between your device and charger. You don’t need an app or any additional setup. However, an optional Leo App provides extra features such as battery analytics, health monitoring, charging graphs, and OTA firmware updates.