Litheli: Electric Utility Wagon with Power Bank

Pure Electric Drive | 0.6~1.3m/s Speeds Matching Paces| Load Up to 132lbs | 74Wh Power Bank Battery

The Litheli W1 Pro is an innovative electric utility wagon designed for effortless outdoor exploration and efficient transportation. It features a 100% pure electric drive with a powerful 500W motor and variable speeds ranging from 0.6 to 1.3m/s, allowing users to match their walking pace effortlessly. The wagon can carry loads of up to 132 lbs (60 kg) and has a spacious 200-liter capacity, with a foldable tailgate for larger items. Its sturdy construction includes a powder-coated steel frame and high-density Oxford fabric, ensuring stability and durability. Additionally, the W1 Pro comes with accessories like cup holders and a foldable table attachment. It is powered by a 74Wh power bank battery that can also charge various digital devices and is part of the Litheli ecosystem. For extended adventures, the U-BATTERY Plus can be swapped easily. Litheli also offers the Eclair 1000, a power station with a 921Wh capacity and 14 output ports, capable of charging two U-BATTERY Plus units simultaneously. With its rapid charging technology and multi-tiered safety features, the Eclair 1000 is a reliable choice for outdoor and emergency power needs.