Lofree EDGE, Smoothest Ultra Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Ultra Thin with Carbon Fiber & Mg Alloy | Kailh POM Switch 2.0 | PCB-Gasket Mount | Customizable Keymap | Bluetooth or Wired

The Lofree EDGE is a cutting-edge ultra low-profile mechanical keyboard that combines lightweight, strength, and an ergonomic design to enhance typing experience and portability. Weighing just 485g and crafted from carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, it boasts exceptional durability and a sophisticated aesthetic. The keyboard features a unique PCB-Gasket mount structure, customizable keymap via Lofree Configurator, and options for both Bluetooth and wired connections. The Kailh POM Switch 2.0 ensures a short travel distance of 2.4mm, optimizing tactility without sacrificing the slim profile. The internal design incorporates a specially shaped foam for sound dampening and relocates the battery to streamline the profile further. It supports a 1000Hz polling rate in wired mode and offers a battery life of up to 130 hours. The keyboard also includes unique keycaps designed for comfort and personalization, enhancing both the visual appeal and the typing experience.