Lofree Flow, the Smoothest Mechanical Keyboard

Kailh POM Switch | Gasket Mount Design | Extremely Thin | Hot-Swappable | Wireless or Wired | For Mac and Windows | RGB Sidelits

  • The Newlevel of Typing

Compared to traditional mechanical keyboards, it’s more portable! Because of its slim and streamlined design. They take up less space on your desk and can easily fit into laptop bags. Also, It’s more comfortable! The shorter key travel distance of low-profile keyboards allows for quicker and more effortless typing, providing a superior typing experience compared to conventional keyboards, and minimizing discomfort and strain, particularly during extended usage.

  • First & Only Kailh Full Pom Switch

The world’s first low-profile switch made entirely of POM material for self-lubrication and an ever-smoother feel over time. Get ready to effortlessly glide through your workday with ease.

Experience the ultimate typing pleasure with self-lubricating switches. Their low friction ensures smooth and effortless keystrokes, accompanied by a satisfyingly crisp typing sound. As you embrace the joy of typing, our switches adapt and become even smoother over time, perfectly aligning with your unique typing style.

  • Gasket Design to Bring Soft & Cushioned

By seamlessly integrating the switches and reducing keypress harshness, it created a more comfortable typing sensation. Despite the challenge of compact low-profile keyboards, Lofree has successfully combined these two elements to create the perfect keyboard – the Flow. It features smooth switches combined with gasket dampening, providing an exceptional typing experience.

Revolutionize your typing experience with the world’s first gasket-mount low-profile keyboard. Enhanced cushioning and even pressure distribution that the gasket mount brings, help you enjoy a truly sleek, precise, and incredibly comfortable typing experience.

  • PBT Low-profile Keycaps

Lofree has meticulously crafted keycaps with a PBT content of 85% or higher, specifically for the Lofree Flow keyboard. These keycaps utilize an advanced dye sublimation process, known as “five-sided dyb-sublimation,” which surpasses ordinary double-shot techniques. This process allows for vibrant and highly detailed patterns to be printed on the keycaps, ensuring a visually appealing and durable keyboard.

  • Hot swappable

Lofree Flow features a detachable connector base with a unique notch design that facilitates easy switch removal. Just like regular switches, it enables hot-swappable functionality, allowing you to satisfy your customization needs.

  • RGB Sidelit & Backlit

Enjoy a mesmerizing light show that enhances your workflow and adds a touch of brilliance to your desk. The RGB lighting enhances the ambiance and complements your desk style, making the Lofree Flow a timeless classic. With its simple yet sophisticated design, the keyboard stands as an enduring symbol of elegance and craftsmanship. Whether you’re working late into the night or simply want to create a vibrant ambiance, the RGB sidelit and backlit effects will transform your typing experience into an immersive visual journey.