LOOI: Turn Your Smartphone into a Desktop Robot!

ChatGPT Integrated | Biomimetic Behavior System | AI with Personality | 15W Wireless Phone Charging | Data Security

LOOI, is a desktop robot designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your smartphone. With its magnetic connection, LOOI seamlessly integrates your smartphone, transforming it into a dynamic and lifelike companion. Boasting advanced ChatGPT integration, LOOI engages in conversations with a unique personality, while its biomimetic behaviors add depth to interactions. Beyond companionship, LOOI serves as a multifunctional assistant, offering wireless charging, productivity enhancements, and local data processing for enhanced security. Equipped with obstacle detection and cliff sensing, LOOI navigates safely and can even function as a personal tracking camera. Emphasizing sustainability, LOOI encourages the reuse of old smartphones, reducing electronic waste. The package includes the LOOI hardware, magnetic ring, USB-C cable, and user manual, with the app available for free download.