M-Cube | Customizable Modular Laser Measure

Build to adapt your customizable measuring demand: Smart Planner, Bilateral Laser, Green Cross-Level, Scale Rolling Ruler and much more

The M-Cube is a customizable and versatile modular laser measure designed to cater to various measuring demands. Featuring a range of modules including the Smart Planner, Bilateral Laser, Green Cross-Level, and Scale Rolling Ruler, it offers precise and efficient measurements for different applications. The innovative magnetic locking design enables effortless switching between modules, enhancing user convenience. The Smart Planner function allows for easy floor planning in any direction, offering a time-saving solution for capturing comprehensive floor plans. With the patent-designed One-Tap button, users can achieve accurate measurements for edges and corners effortlessly. The M-Cube’s advanced auto-calibration ensures precise results even when not held perfectly at 0°. Additionally, the M-Cube’s M-Green Line function provides top-notch level sensing for both vertical and horizontal alignment, making it an ideal tool for quick and precise measurements. With its modular and customizable design, the M-Cube offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for all measuring needs, empowering users to define their own laser measure experience.