MagLight: The 1st MagSafe Smart Camera Light For Your Phone

Smartphone Camera RGB light, MagSafe and Qi-compatible, 4000mAh battery power bank, wireless charger, and smart home lighting

MagLight is the world’s first 6-in-1 MagSafe smart camera light designed for smartphones. This versatile device combines several functions, including RGB LED camera lighting, MagSafe and Qi compatibility, a 4000mAh power bank, wireless charging capability, a phone stand, and smart home lighting features. It’s incredibly portable, allowing you to take it anywhere. With strong N52 neodymium magnets, MagLight attaches effortlessly to MagSafe iPhones or any phone with a magnetic ring attachment, instantly providing wireless charging. It features 67 LEDs for customizable lighting with 16 million colors and various themes. MagLight enhances photography and videography with adjustable color temperature and brightness, offering soft and precise lighting for better image quality. It supports both front and back-facing shots and offers animated and group lighting effects. Additionally, it’s compatible with professional camera setups using the included MagPod accessory. This multi-functional device also serves as a 4000mAh power bank, delivering up to 6 hours of lighting use or a full phone charge.