MakEat PAN: Nonstick, Coating-Free, Solves All Cooking Woes!

Lightweight (<750g) & dishwasher-safe. Compatible with microwave, oven, open fire & all stove types. Perfect for indoor or outdoor!

The MakEat PAN is a versatile, lightweight, and dishwasher-safe cooking solution that addresses common kitchen woes. Weighing less than 750g, it is compatible with microwave, oven, open fire, and all stove types. Made from coating-free stainless steel, it ensures safe and clean cooking without the worry of toxins. Its detachable handle and lid design make it easy to clean and store. The MakEat PAN set includes three pan sizes, transitioning seamlessly from cooking to serving, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With its rapid and even heat distribution, it guarantees perfectly cooked dishes every time. Launched successfully in Taiwan, it is now available on Kickstarter with improvements. The pan’s accessories, like a foldable steaming basket and duo cover, enhance its functionality, making it a reliable and convenient choice for all cooking adventures.