Marstek B2500: Balcony Solar Storage System

Install in 15 mins | 2.24~6.72kWh | 1000W Max Input & 800W Output | App Control | IP65 WaterProof

Marstek B2500 Balcony Solar Storage System, a user-friendly and easy-to-install solution designed to optimize energy usage and reduce electric bills. With a quick 15-minute setup, this system offers 2.24~6.72kWh capacity, 1000W Max Input, and 800W Output, all controllable through a user-friendly app. It’s adaptable, allowing expansion up to 6720Wh to meet growing energy needs. The B2500 can save you up to €1200 annually when paired with two P2500 units. Its smart meter monitors overall energy consumption, enabling efficient energy allocation. The system boasts a robust LiFePO₄ core, compatibility with various connectors, and IP65 waterproofing. The accompanying app provides real-time monitoring and calculates energy savings, making it a smart choice for a sustainable energy future.