MBox N4: Desktop Revolution – Streaming Console & Hub

10-Key Visual Macro Keyboard | Adjustable Stand & Touch Strip | Quad-Dial Interface | Dual USB-C & USB-A Hub

The MBox N4 is a revolutionary desktop control center that enhances creativity and efficiency with its cutting-edge features. It includes a 10-key visual macro keyboard, adjustable stand, quad-dial interface, touch strip, and a dual USB-C and USB-A hub. The 10 customizable buttons and programmable macro keys allow users to execute complex operations with ease, such as switching cameras or launching apps. The four 360° encoders provide precise control over key parameters like volume and brightness. The adjustable stand offers optimal viewing angles, enhancing the user experience in any environment. The integrated hub simplifies device expansion with multiple connectivity options. The user-friendly MBox N4 software interface supports intuitive layouts, personalized customization, guided tutorials, and more, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup process. Compact and versatile, the MBox N4 is designed to make work more organized and enjoyable, positioning itself as a timeless digital partner and an intelligent platform for technological innovation.