MelGeek Modern97 Compact & Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

97% Compact Layout|406-Day Battery|Wireless & Wired|Hot-Swappable|Gasket Mount|Dedicate Programmable|1ms Response Time|RGB Backlit

The MelGeek Modern 97 Mechanical Keyboard is a compact and versatile keyboard featuring a 97% layout to optimize desktop space. It supports multiple connectivity options, including wireless (2.4G and Bluetooth), and wired modes, and can connect to up to 8 devices. A key highlight is its impressive 406-day battery life, achieved through efficient power management. The keyboard utilizes custom Kailh Sonic53 switches, designed for rapid response, ideal for gaming. Its design combines an ink dot upper shell and a matte transparent bottom shell, giving it a unique aesthetic. The keyboard is relatively heavy at 990g, incorporating sound-absorbing materials and a large battery for stability. It uses MCR keycaps and features a gasket mount and slotted PCBs for a flexible typing experience. Additionally, the MelGeek Hive software allows for extensive customization and battery monitoring. Overall, the Modern 97 provides a premium typing and gaming experience with its blend of design, connectivity, and customization options​​​​​​​​.