Milda: Evolve Your Door & Open the Way to Accessible Living

Effortlessly open doors with a tap of a finger or elbow with this barrier-free door knob. Childproof design and DIY installation.

Milda transforms door access with its innovative, barrier-free door knob designed for easy operation via a simple push or pull, eliminating the need for twisting or turning. This feature makes Milda ideal for children, the elderly, those with disabilities or injuries, and even allows pets to open doors. It incorporates a 90° revolving latch bolt that activates with minimal movement, ensuring doors can be opened effortlessly, which is crucial in emergencies like fires or earthquakes. The handle is childproof, with rounded corners and optional colorful silicone covers, enhancing safety and appeal. Milda’s installation is straightforward, requiring just five screws and three minutes to set up, compatible with standard tubular door handle sizes. The design is symmetrical, allowing for versatile installation on any door, and includes anti-bacterial finishing to reduce germ spread. Additionally, a silicone pad is added to prevent door damage and reduce rust, making it suitable for various environments, including homes, offices, and healthcare facilities.

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