MiniNova丨High-speed Air Pump, Blower, Hair Dryer&Air Duster

Stepless wind speed adjustment丨Up to 130000 RPM 丨Up to 25 m/s丨 Home Dusting丨 3D Printing Drying丨Car Cleaning丨 PC Cleaning丨Cooling Down

Multi-Functional Air Duster from MiniNova, a compact yet powerful gadget that combines the functions of an air pump, blower, hair dryer, and air duster. With a high-speed brushless motor capable of up to 130,000 RPM and adjustable wind speed, this device can be used for tasks such as home dusting, 3D printing drying, car and PC cleaning, and cooling down. With gearless wind speed adjustment and five included nozzles for added possibilities, the MiniNova Air Duster is versatile and easy to use. Additionally, the product comes with a car charger version and various plug specifications to accommodate users in different regions, making it convenient for use both at home and on the go.