Modular combination: flashlight with 8 functions

4000lm lighting, safety hammer, ignition function, fog penetration function, magnetic suction function, IPX4 waterproof, etc.

Rodman introduces the third generation 30Pro, a compact and multifunctional flashlight designed for a variety of scenarios such as outdoor adventures, fishing, and camping. This lightweight and portable flashlight provides 4000lm of brightness, enhancing visibility in dark environments and capable of penetrating fog and smoke with a yellow light filter. The 30Pro includes innovative features like a safety hammer, ignition function, and magnetic base for convenience. It’s equipped with multiple modes including SOS and flash-bang for emergencies, a heat generation feature for warmth, and a durable, water-resistant aluminum body. This versatile tool is designed to meet diverse needs, from providing broad illumination with a diffusion cover to focusing light for distant objects, ensuring safety and efficiency in various conditions.