MOGABI V3 Guitar: Unleash Your Creative Power Anywhere

Electric Effect Sound Recording | Battery Self-Replacement | High-Output Sound | Foldable Design | Noise Cancellation| Wireless Pairing

The MOGABI V3 Electric Guitar is designed to unleash your creative power anywhere, offering a suite of features tailored for guitar enthusiasts. This innovative guitar includes built-in effects, a pre-installed microphone preamp, and replaceable batteries, allowing for authentic sound recording and high-output performance on the go. Its foldable design, noise cancellation, and wireless pairing capabilities enhance portability and convenience. The guitar supports diverse musical styles and player needs with two neck designs, Semi580 and Pro648, and an improved fan-shaped audio box for richer sound quality. The integrated 32GB memory allows for seamless recording and storage, while its compatibility with dynamic microphones and Bluetooth connectivity offers versatile performance options. With easy battery replacement and a travel-friendly design, the MOGABI V3 is the ultimate instrument for capturing inspiration and performing anytime, anywhere.

Alizé Umbrella