Mowrator S1: Smart Remote Control Slope Vacuum Mower

Mow Like A Beast | 75% mowing slope | Super Vacuum For Leaves | One-button Dumping|1.125 Acres Per Charge|10 Years Battery Life|Safety

The Mowrator S1 stands out as the first consumer-grade remote-controlled lawn mower, crafted to enhance the mowing experience with its 21-inch blade, superior to other robotic mowers’ smaller razors or 4-star blades. It is uniquely designed to tackle tough grass, tall dry grass, and challenging terrains like hills and ditches, thanks to its four-wheel drive and off-road capability. Its remarkable efficiency is demonstrated in its ability to mow up to 1.125 acres per charge, with a battery life extending up to ten years. The S1 features an easy-to-use remote control for navigation, including a one-button assisted driving and a super vacuum for leaves with an optional kit, simplifying lawn care. Safety is a priority, with the mower equipped with ultrasonic sensors for collision avoidance and sensor feedback technology to stop the blade instantly if necessary. It aims to be the first RC mower to receive TUV safety certification, ensuring a heavy-duty performance that’s both waterproof and dustproof. The Mowrator S1 combines quality, user experience, and affordability for homeowners.