Myconos – Levitating Firestone

It uses bioethanol burning levitation to delight your soul and relax your mind. All products, made of natural marble, demonstrate a unique appearance and unique pattern

Overcoming gravityand the combinationof three elements: stone, fire and air

A magnetic cushion created between the two stones creates a levitation effect. The slightly displaced magnetic field causes the top stone to rotate.

The effect of creating a burning stone is achieved when bioethanol hits the upper stone with the help of a micro-nozzle. Due to the stone’s rotation, the fuel burns evenly over it.


  • The first mode is classic levitation.

In this mode, Myconos will levitate and spin endlessly. This mode is absolutely safe, as no fuel or flame is involved. In this state, Myconos can be left unattended without worry.

  • The second mode is levitation with flames

To light an already levitating Myconos, simply touch the control button. The Myconos will start the fuel and provide a spark to automatically ignite it.


The flaming stone cannot fall onto the table surface. No matter how hard you push the stone, it will always land in the middle.