NarTick: The Smart Calendar for Effortless Life

Eye Protector Ink Screen | Shared To-Dos | Four Quadrant Board | To-Do Reminders | Calendar Board

The NarTick Smart Calendar is a versatile personal assistant designed to organize your life effortlessly. With an eye-friendly E-Ink display, it offers features like shared to-dos, to-do reminders, a four-quadrant board, and a calendar board. By syncing with Google Calendar, email, and Apple Calendar, it ensures you never miss important tasks, emitting a beep when it’s time to complete them. Ideal for team collaboration, it allows transparent task management for families and work teams. It also includes medication reminders for seniors and helps build new habits, manage time with the Pomodoro Technique, and break down complex projects into manageable sub-tasks. Additionally, it monitors temperature and humidity for a comfortable living environment and lasts 14 days on a single charge, making time management seamless and enjoyable.