NasoCalm: World’s 1st Relieve Nasal Congestion EMS Massager

EMS Massage / Free-breathing Nose / Suitable for All Face Shapes / 5 Adjustment Levels / Extended Battery Life

NasoCalm introduces the world’s first EMS massager designed to relieve nasal congestion, suitable for all face shapes with five adjustable levels and an extended battery life. It features a 100mAh battery, requiring only 3 hours to charge for 3.5 hours of continuous use, and a 15-minute cycle. NasoCalm utilizes EMS technology to target specific nasal muscles, enhancing circulation and muscle contraction, thereby promoting free-breathing. Its precision massage, combined with your choice of massage oils, offers a relaxing experience. The device is easy to use with a one-button start, and its soft, skin-friendly silicone layer ensures comfort. It operates quietly at below 55 decibels, is rechargeable for convenient use anywhere, and its compact design makes it easy to store. NasoCalm provides a personalized, comfortable experience, easily integrating into your daily routine for effortless relaxation.