New Shaving Innovation: Carbon Razor Blade Cleaner (EPG)

Sharpen and reuse your razors! Our carbon pad uses dual cleansing to remove residue, minimizing cost and waste from disposable blades.

The GALLINE CARBON PAD 1.0 introduces an approach to shaving with its innovative carbon and graphene-based EPG material, designed to sharpen and extend the life of razor blades. This product eliminates the need for frequent blade replacements by using a dual cleansing carbon pad that not only cleans but also hones razor blades to perfection, promising a scratch-free shave. It boasts a unique surface design with elastic bumps for deep cleaning and is effective against rust, residue, mold, water stains, and potential viruses on the blades. By reducing the need for new blades, it offers a significant 78% cost reduction and a 97% preservation of resources, aligning with an eco-friendly lifestyle by cutting down on waste. GALLINE’s commitment to durability and sustainability is further emphasized through its eco-friendly packaging and the product’s ability to save up to 48 blades per year. With a comfortable grip, and high friction for better blade honing, it offers an affordable, effective, and eco-conscious alternative to traditional shaving and blade maintenance methods.