NiteAura: Sleep Breath Care Mask

NiteAura monitors, cares and reports everything about your breathing while asleep

The NiteAura Sleep Breath Care Mask is designed to monitor, care for, and report on your sleep breathing conditions, providing tailored solutions to improve sleep quality and overall health. It uses a Sleep Respiratory Sensor to track breathing in real-time, maintaining optimal humidity and temperature levels to create a comfortable sleeping environment. NiteAura offers detailed reports on your sleep breathing patterns, which can be accessed via its app. By employing both passive and active control mechanisms, including a magnetic levitation fan, NiteAura optimizes the air you breathe at night. It features four different modes, including AI mode that learns and adapts to your sleep patterns, and various start modes to minimize sleep disturbances. The device ensures a restful night’s sleep by maintaining the ideal climate within your breathing zone. Some users may require an adaptation period, but the NiteAura app aids in this transition.