NOVA Smart Lamp-Revolutionize desktop lighting experience!

NOVA Smart Lamp 1
NOVA Smart Lamp 2

The NOVA Smart Lamp has three different working modes, adapting to multiple environments and scenarios.

NOVA Smart Lamp 3

When fully folded down, the NOVA Smart Lamp acts both as a perfect ambient light and as an elegant piece of decoration, creating just the right atmosphere for a more relaxed casual use – and you can also easily check the time at any moment.

For extra comfort, you can also smoothly adjust the light’s colour temperature (2700K-6500K), creating different environments, unique spaces and new rituals in your home life. You can steplessly switch between a warmer or whiter colour, or if you prefer something in between, you can choose a more natural light.

NOVA Smart Lamp 4
In addition, you can control the NOVA Smart Lamp with your phone for more lighting effects – and it’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to adjust the colour temperature, brightness, turn it ON or OFF, activate AI Smart Dimming and other functions.
NOVA Smart Lamp 5

Unfolding the NOVA Smart Lamp completely will turn it into a work lamp, setting it 

at a perfect angle for your laptop, helping your vision and making work highly efficient.

NOVA Smart Lamp 6

Eureka! Probably the most common stance for a desk lamp, the NOVA Smart Lamp becomes the learning beacon you really need. At the right angle, with no flash or blue-light hazard and a safety level of up to RG1*, it fully protects your eyes and never compromises.

NOVA Smart Lamp 7

At the base of NOVA, extremely convenient and easy to use, you have intelligent control at a glance, where you can access all the different lighting effects, adjust the brightness and colour temperature, as well as turn on the AI Smart Dimming.

NOVA Smart Lamp 8

All this can be done by touch, holding or sliding. Switching the light ON or OFF, setting brightness by touch or dimming the light by sliding your finger, pressing and holding the colour temperature adjustment key and more functions.

In addition, you can simply use the NOVA Smart Lamp mobile app or Amazon Alexa to easily change all the settings you want on your phone. As easy as that!

NOVA Smart Lamp 9