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Secured Off-Grid Communication: Long Range Mesh Coverage, Maximum Privacy

Orange LoRa Dongle, a USB device that enables secure and encrypted wireless communication independent of the Internet. It ensures maximum privacy through long-range mesh coverage and two layers of encryption, making interception and decoding nearly impossible. The product includes two types of dongles: a USB version for laptops and a mobile version for smartphones. These models are cross-compatible, allowing communication between different devices. The dongle operates outside traditional Internet infrastructure, assuring traceless conversations and location sharing. It bypasses cellular networks and offers a self-destruct feature for messages. The Orange Dongle revolutionizes secure communication by utilizing the LoRa wireless network, providing connectivity anywhere without relying on WiFi or cellular networks. It’s positioned as an alternative to centralized communication tools and offers unparalleled privacy and reliability. The campaign introduces stretch goals, including a tracking device called “Orange Tag” for backers, further expanding the capabilities of the system.