Origin800:World’s First Smart Modular Power System

Swappable for Endless Power | 800W AC Output | Fast Recharge in 1.4 Hours | Solar Recharging | APP

Origin800, the world’s first smart modular power system, which revolutionizes traditional power sources. The Origin800 is a shareable and customizable power system, offering swappable standalone power banks with an impressive 86.4Wh/27000mAh capacity and a bi-directional 60W Type-C(PD3.0) port for fast charging. Its modules can be effortlessly stacked together for seamless energy transfer without additional cables, creating a flexible and expandable ‘Energy Vault’ with varying capacities. The device boasts an 800W AC output, 13 output ports, and a BMS battery balancing technology for efficient power delivery. It offers five versatile ways to recharge, making it an eco-friendly energy solution with 460~720Wh expandable capacity. Additionally, the Origin800 features a 15ms UPS for uninterrupted power supply, wireless charging, extra output ports, a cooling and heating module, and a 360-degree lamp module. It can be managed through a user-friendly app, allowing real-time monitoring, voice interaction, and theme-based lighting control. The intelligently designed travel bag provides convenience for carrying the personalized power system on the go.

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