Out Of The Box – Classroom-In-A-Box For Learn & Play

Out Of The Box is an all-in-one learn and play system for children ages 2 to 6+. It grows with the child to provide endless meaningful learning and playing experiences. Anywhere.

Out Of The Box transforms any available space into a learning and playing environment, allowing children to learn and play meaningfully anywhere. Use it for enrichment, homeschooling, supplement, family bonding, fun and games, or anything else!

Out Of The Box is designed to be modular and mobile. The components can be used in many different ways, allowing children to explore, learn and play the way they do it best.

The interchangeable lids are developed to support different learning and playing activities. The Learning and Playboard Lid is expandable, allowing unlimited possibilities with different boards.

Contains a growing learning content library, with materials for different age groups, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) subjects, targeting core development areas such as cognitive, numeracy and literacy skills.

The digital platform will be compatible with both computers/laptops as well as Apple and Android tablets.