ouTask Telescopic Lantern: Embolden Ventures in Pitch Black

Telescopic Lantern 1

Through an ingenious telescopic design, ouTask condenses super-powerful three-dimensional lighting capabilities into a compact, portable body. You will experience a wonderful night you’ve never had that breaks out your imagination.

Telescopic Lantern 2

ouTask can be used in at least three forms thanks to its telescopic structure: the tallest, the expanded, and the folded.

Telescopic Lantern 3

More than being portable, the telescopic structure also helps it achieve completely different lighting effects. The lighting changes with height as you stretch and collapse it.

Telescopic Lantern 4

When fully folded, ouTask is in a simple cylindrical shape that you can grasp with one hand and quickly put into your backpack or hand to your teammates. And in order to prevent it from rolling on the surface, we slightly modified its pure circular profile into something more practical while keeping it minimal.

Telescopic Lantern 5
Telescopic Lantern 6
Telescopic Lantern 6

You’ll have an unprecedented experience by extending its pole and sliding it into your backpack’s side pocket: having a moving street lamp that closely follows you everywhere. It will illuminate a much larger area around you, brighten up paths for your teammates, without having bugs flying in your face as in the case of wearing conventional headlamps.

Telescopic Lantern 7
Telescopic Lantern 7

Its magnetic design allows firm attachment to most ferrous carriers, cars, or ships. 

Click-to-open enables powerful spatial lighting for you in seconds. Whether you want to stick it on the roof or on the side of your car, it will make your night distinctive. 

Some larger lighting devices may be more powerful in lighting, but they take forever to set up. Remember: ouTask takes only a few seconds.

Telescopic Lantern 8
Telescopic Lantern 9

The lamp head of ouTask can rotate horizontally without limitation and flip vertically, providing you with more than 720° of three-dimensional lighting capability, which is a first-ever in all previous lighting tools.

Telescopic Lantern 10
Telescopic Lantern 11

The integrated tripod design and the fast unfold function let you install the fill-in light for live streaming with great ease, or save someone else’s hassle of holding the light for you when you fish or do other field work, or free you from the trouble of finding a tree or something else to hang the light.

Telescopic Lantern 12

Fixing holes are designed in every tripod foot so it can be pinned up with pegs or branches from falling or shaking on a slope or against strong winds. In addition, we’ve also designed night-vision polymer stickers that can glow after absorbing light, helping you easily identify it in the dark or prevent children from accidental stumbing.

Telescopic Lantern 13
Telescopic Lantern 14

The lanyard is also one of ouTask’s basic configurations. It is freely retractable and comes in handy when you encounter challenges in the wild.

Telescopic Lantern 15

OuTask adopts aviation aluminum alloy cellular radiators and the shell of ABS/PC to stand up to the roughness in harsh environments. We put a lot of thought into its waterproof ability in industrial design. Our team loves adventure, so we hope people can have the same reliable and suitable equipment for it.

PC/ABS has the properties of impact strength, temperature resistance and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. It is a non-toxic, odorless, renewable and recyclable green environmental protection material. Its environmental protection performance has been tested and certified by relevant international institutions.

Telescopic Lantern 16
Telescopic Lantern 17

The main body of the product has an IPX6 waterproof rating, and any level of heavy rain will not erode its integrity. The head and pole of the lamp can even be immersed into the water to detect aquatic creatures. Having said that, don’t forget to dry it in time after dipped in water to avoid odors.

Telescopic Lantern 18

Yeah, we all like nature, so we all love a lamp with yellow light. ouTask also supports warm/cold light switching, allowing you choose freely between warm and cool moments.

Telescopic Lantern 19

As pragmatists, we won’t set too many lighting gears. For us, a three-gear setting is the most suitable. The height of the light at its tallest when standing on your car roof is more than enough to deliver the maximum range of lighting.

Of course, you can also stand it alone on the ground, which is already more powerful than other brighter lamps. Its built-in tripod adds extra actual lighting effect to it compared with other lights that need to be hung or held to be brighter.

Remember: Even at the highest gear, it can work for 10 hours.

Telescopic Lantern 20
Telescopic Lantern 21

The integrated tripod makes SOS lighting stand out even more, for a higher warning light is easier to spot by incoming cars, thus keeping dangers at bay. This feature is unmatched by the ground and hand-held caution light. With ouTask, who would rather hold a light in the middle of a busy road?

Telescopic Lantern 22
Telescopic Lantern 23

ouTask’s terrific performances make it a perfect car companion. Whether it is an inspection or a road trip, it will make your journey more brilliant.

Telescopic Lantern 24

It can be used as a power bank to quickly charge your phone and can be paired with a solar panel to recharge itself.

Telescopic Lantern 25

Flexibly combine more ouTasks, break through the boundary of your imagination and be the master of all nights. Surround and illuminate a swimming pool or the great outdoors with multiple ouTasks in any way you like!

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Telescopic Lantern 27
Telescopic Lantern 28
Telescopic Lantern 29
Telescopic Lantern 30